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tv   CBS 5 News  CBS  October 27, 2012 6:30pm-7:00pm PDT

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good evening, i'm ann notarangelo. game three of the world series in michigan tonight. how dedicated are giants' fans? many are willing to fly 2,000 miles away to watch the team play in detroit. and cbs 5 reporter mike sugarman joined them on the journey. mike? >> reporter: they're cold. i'll tell you that, it's the mid 40s expected to go down into the 30s tonight and giants' fans aren'twell -- used to that kind of weather. but they're being warmed by the way their team is playing and you say they go 2,000-miles to see the team but this is a world series and they're coming from all over the world.
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in a sea of blue and orange -- >> tigers. >> reporter: comes a stripe of a different coalready. orange and -- color. orange and black. where am i? i feel like i'm on second and king. nope, woodward and adams, detroit, michigan. you came from south carolina? >> we drove from minneapolis last night. >> texas. >> reporter: all part of giants' nation on tour. so far, the orange and blue aren't turning the orange and black black and blue. >> i got booed four times by the time i got off the airplane but every person has been real friendly. booing me but friendly. >> reporter: making the presence known and if it's a giants' win tonight you might consider sarah stumble from santa cruz a lucky charm. >> she took her friend kathleen bern the airline messed up. >> amazing. >> amazing, she also got first
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class tickets on the plane for the first time. that was cool 689. >> reporter: the cooler of -- winner of the giants fan who has come the farthest? >> now i work in afghanistan. >> reporter: is ia butler who works with the uso. >> dc to detroit with a small helicopter trip thrown in. >> reporter: she calls herself a fanatical giants fan. you think? >> the weekend is going to cost me about $4,000. >> worth it? >> absolutely. 100%. ? if they sweep, it would be worth twice that. >> reporter: and imagine the frequent flier miles that she's getting. you know the detroit fans are kind of used to the weather. they were tailgating earlier today. in fact we ran into some people tailgating at a sports bar, not at the game, at the sports bar, because well, things aren't going so well for people in
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detroit. they couldn't afford to go into the sports bar. they wanted to drink their own boors and eating their own hot dog. but it's a quite a scene around here and right now the giants are up and if that continues that way aspect 8:00 for the next couple of days here -- aspect 8:00 for the next couple of days here. >> is the crowd down? >> reporter: you know they're not -- they are kind of down. and giants fans have this -- reputation of not being very good fans. but i got to tell you, they are so loud during the playoffs and a lot of people have told me that around here. we have this reputation for being kind overbrow eating, wine drink -- of brie eating, wine drinking kind of snobs. but no we're pretty good fans and right now from what i've been hearing they're not as loud as we are generally at at&t. >> could be another exciting night for you. thank you very much so much mike. for more coming up in sports, we'll have that and
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also more from mike at 11:00. and remember is your destination for all things giants. and turning now to the other fall contest, your california ballot once again inclouds a request for more money. and tonight there's a growing push to get californians to support a tax hike. governor brown spent this week campaigning nonstop for prop 30 which would raise sales tax a quarter cent and state income taxes on the rich. and as we speak, some of your neighbors are joining the fight. cbs 5 reporter aiolis is a hairington is in oakland where democrats have a phone bank to urge voters to vote yes on prop 30 and no on prop 32. >> reporter: as november 6th approaches volunteers are making a final push to get people to the polls. inside the democratic party headquarters here in oakland volunteers are taking part in the statewide day of action and pope bank. on the phones since 10:00 a.m.
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calling democrats across the state asking them to vote yes on prop 30 and no on prop 32. prop 32 would ban unions from using payroll deducted found for political -- funds for political purposes. prop 30 hikes the state sales tax by a quarter cent. the 30 doesn't pass schools and colleges face $6 billion in cuts. governor brown has been traveling across the state shoring up support but recent polls show that -- polls show that support is fading. now there's 46% for prop 30, 42% against it. >> well, i think it's going to be a tough battle. the governor certainly is out there stumping for the measure. i think you're going to start to see support climb as more and more -- as the election gets closer and people realize we need to stop the cuts to education. >> reporter: i spoke with the chairman with the california gop. he said it will cost jobs and will fail and that prop 32 will bring stability. he said the republican party
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spent a big amount of full-time and money to get the word out. in fact the activist just donated another $13 million making the total contributions $36.5 million. now the goal of this statewide day of action is to contact 300,000 registered voters and so far in here one of these volunteers has called more than 800 people alone. in oakland, alyssa, hairington, cbs 5. several are declaring states of emergency as a fearsome superstorm threatens the eastern seaboard. hurricane sandy is building strength over the atlantic ocean. the fear is as it moves closer inland sandy will run into two winter weather systems. creating one huge storm called frankenstorm. and for the very latest on say. let's check in with roberta gonzales in the weather center. >> 630 million people will be i want pacted -- impacted by
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hurricane sandy. which right now take a look at this. you can see it crawling up the eastern third of the united states. and it's threatening to smack that part of the country with the torrential rains, the high winds, the majored inning in the power outage -- major outages and the poweroutages one week before election day. between maryland and new england, but this is not just a coastal event. this is going to go well inland and as ann was noting it will collide with two other systems being a superstorm. up to 12 inches of rain is likely before much of this turns to snow inland. power outages with wind gusts up to 70 miles per hour, and something else occurring and we also have a full moon. causing an astronomical high tide. which historians are actually saying rivals the perfect storm that happened back in 1991 and of course the movie was based on. so we'll keep our eye on
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hurricane sandy. ann? all right robert that, tank so much -- roberta. theth thanks so much. we have an update on the boil order in effect for some of you tonight. >> with when you hear about -- and when you hear about drones you probably think of something like this over a place like afghanistan. but not for long. a look at the new tool police will be using in the eyes over the bay area. -- skies over the bay area. ,,,,,,
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when i see that our schools are 47th in spending per student, i just can't accept that. our schools shouldn't be 47th in anything. ,,,,,, proposition 38 bypasses sacramento, and makes education a real priority- with the funding, to our local schools and the accountability from our local schools... that we'll need to improve student learning in every classroom. so we can stay 47th... or we can choose proposition 38. i'm voting yes on 38...
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used b you probably know that remote controlled aircraft better known as drones are being used by the military in war zones. but they're also increasingly used by law enforcement here at home. cbs 5 reporter patrick receive de owe got a demonstration in the east bay. >> reporter: by definition it's a drone. absolutely. it's likely you'll see more unmanned remote control cause like these flying over active crime scenes. >> callouts, search and rescue missions and persons with firearms. >> reporter: law enforcement officials would count the gunman in vallejo last year who killed an officer and how this equipment could have helped. >> it would have been a lot better to deploy one of these unmanned aerial systems and see where person is hiding and take
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him into custody that way. >> as opposed to $1,500 an hour for a powered aircraft. that saves big money. this is all part of operation urban shield. the drone comes equipped with high-tech accessories like night vision, cameras and even see heat. >> this system would have saved the life of an alzheimer's patient from an incident that happened overnight. >> reporter: what was once considered an expensive toy now seriously considered as a cleaner, safer and less expensive way to save lives. >> autotakeoff. >> reporter: reporting from dublin, patrick cedillo, cbs 5. >> those drones aren't getting such rave reviews in seattle. >> stay, stay, stay. >> it took just ten minutes for the police presentation of their new surveillance drone to turn into a shouting match. the police explained the small unmanned flying drone won't carry weapons. it will only fly over specific
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situations like search and rescue efforts or suspect standoffs, but many still want more details especially when it comes to privacy. >> i have some of those concerns too. but i want to hear some dialogue and dialogue means hearing both sides of that and droning out so to speak, one side, that doesn't really help anything. >> 50 other police departments in the country have received federal approval for the drones. from the cbs 5 weather center, good evening everybody. it was unseasonably warm today. but warmer for your sunday. then, the rain. and the day you should expect it as eyewitness news continues right here on cbs 5. ,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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water again today. but they can't use it right out of te tap. people who live on treasure island have running water again today but they can't use it right out of the tap. a water main broke yesterday evening cutting off water to the entire island. but as cbs 5 reporter anne makovec shows us still not safe to drink. >> reporter: this water situation has really inconvenienced us. >> reporter: near the entrance too treasure island at around 5:00 friday evening and it's the only source of water to the 2,000 people who live here.
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the san francisco public utilities commission plugged the hole. but the water was out for 12 hours. >> we go to the tub and there's no water. >> i went to sleep with halloween makeup on. >> reporter: the water came back on saturday morning. >> it was just colored. it smelled off. >> reporter: a boil water order is now in effect because the city doesn't know if the water is safe to drink. >> we'll do sampling throughout the system of bacteriology to make sure that water is safe to drink. that process takes about 48 hours. >> reporter: people who live here seau tilt zaires are -- say utility issues are common and the infrastructure is old much of it from the 1930s including the pipe. it can't upgrade until the property is officially transferred to the city from the navy which still owns the land. it's been anarch and that welcome of atability disease -- lack of accountability has neighbors concerned. >> given the fact that our -- our ground is subject to liquefaction, given the fact that no one is -- as far as i
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know -- maintaining them properly. >> reporter: you're the person that people turn to when things like this happen. >> yes it is frustrating knowing that you have to operate from you know -- you're not able to really manage completely because you don't own it. >> reporter: the earliest the water will be deemed safe to drink is monday afternoon. on treasure island, anne makovec, cbs 5. today apple opened the doors to a brand new retail store in downtown palo alto. flagship store drew large crowds for its 10:00 a.m. grand opening. and the first 1,000 customers got commemorative t-shirts. the store on university avenue has 15,000 square feet of retail space along with apple's signature glass facade. and even larger apple store is currently under construction just a mile away at the stanford shopping center. earlier roberta was talking about hurricane sandy but in the forecast is another little storm of our own. >> yes, and just in time for halloween. >> yes. thanks. >> we'll definitely need a little rain slicker over our costumes on halloween.
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timing a little uncertain but we'll try the nail it down -- to nail it down for you. just take a look at this. stop what you're doing. oh san jose, sun's up officially at 6:a 15 on a day on which we had 76 degrees there and average high 73. right now sporting 69. it is still 78 in santa rosa after realizing a high today of 84 degrees, that's 11 gigs above normal. now 78 also in redwood city. this is the scene in san francisco where actually we have 80 degrees away from san francisco still and dublin. san francisco currently at 69 after a high today in the low 70s. we will turn partly cloudy overnight. tomorrow is going to pan out to be a warmer day and then a spooky halloween with rain in the forecast. tonight, into the 50s. this is an area of low pressure. that's not the one that's going to affect us. that's banging up against the pacific northwest. deflecting off the huge ridge of high pressure that will keep us dry all weekend long. but it's that second system back there that promises to drop in to our forecast by tuesday night or wednesday morning. right now we're looking at the
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low clouds developing off the coast affecting invertness tomorrow morning. otherwise pretty much wiping ade during the day and then lurking there by sunset tomorrow night. then we'll become cloudy on monday. until then wall topple sunshine. flat wind, moderate air quality. 60s and 70s around the peninsula. 83 degrees in dublin. 85 in fairfield for one of the outside numbers we're talking 70 in san francisco. and around the central bay. there you have a cooler day on monday after starting off with the return of the on shore push and rain arrives on wednesday and the north bay during the morning hours. across the central baby the evening commute -- bay by the evening commute. a chance of a lingering shower on thursday. dennis and sports on-deck, next.
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to win it...that's exactly e all right, can you name the mayor of detroit? and here's a hint. we got a robotic camera that is out of control here in the newsroom. he was once an nba star. if your answer was dennis rodman, you are wrong. vern glenn is standing by, vern, sorry about that. i was a little distracted. we had a robotic camera that's out of control here in the studio. >> reporter: well, i bet you have to bring the things under control den necessary when you can. out here it's been mostly quiet here at comerica park with good reason with the giants' lead. but somehow, this crowd, they have to hold on to some kind of
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belief that they can pull this one off. now, among the america crowd, somewhere in that detroit sky, i'm not sure if he's the most impassioned fan, but he's certainly one of the tallest. we're talking about the mayor of this great city, former pistons' great dave bing. all right mr. mayor i know you're going to play with me a little bit. but if you and justin verlander were walking down michigan avenue, who would sign the more autographs? >> i'm sure justin would at this point. [ laughter ] >> reporter: hey but you know you had the better jumper. >> yeah -- but he throws 101, 102 right now. so -- the kind of night we're having tonight. weather-wise, if he were pitching it would be tough. >> reporter: how about this series? i mean -- how -- how great has this been. not in the win loss column it hasn't been great for detroit but just in the little time that we've been here the ground swell of excitement behind the team. >> i think our people -- we've
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been down for a long time here in the city. and this is something for us to feel good about. they're -- you know a lot of people didn't expect the tigers to be where they are at this point and time. they really didn't play well most of the season. they were up and down but when things counted they played well and came out. i expect them to play well tonight. >> reporter: let me thousand one nba thing at you off- camera. i was asking about nate thurmond one of my favorites. you have a warrior moment in your great pistons' career that maybe stands out? >> a lot of them i guess. [ laughter ] i scored a few points against the warriors over that career but nate is a personal friend. a real champion. a real professional. he didn't get a lot of credit i think for the things that he did because he wasn't a great scorer. but he did everything else. i mean he guarded that basket like nobody i've ever seen other than bill russell. >> reporter: i really appreciate the moments of your time and we've enjoyed our time can the d. as they like to call
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it here in detroit. hey, thanks so much again. >> thank you so very much. we're looking forward to a great game. >> reporter: has been a great game so far at comerica park for the detroit tigers. but the mayor is certainly hoping that well they have some life back in them for the balance of this game. dennis back to you. it was a nice time in the minute and a half that his handlers game me with number 21. >> vern glenn, thank you very much live from detroit. see you tonight. stanford just beat washington state 24-17. cal plays at utah a little bit later tonight. full highlights on the late show. usc in the desert against arizona. cats down two in the fourth. they run the draw to carry, arizona takes the lead. now last ditch effort, usc final seconds down by three. matt barkley with the hail mary? oh. incomplete. we have a shocker, arizona
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upsets usc 39 will have 36. the first time -- 39-36. the first time arizona has beaten them in tucson since 1999. thanks to our friends at get --, high school football visiting si. the red running backs albert waters gone. 80 yards of pay dirt. but beller min did not quit. nice move through the si defense. 29 yards and keller mine beats si in the showdown 35-28. according to his brother rex, cowboys' defensive coordinator rob ryan was crying when he learned of the news that his linebacker sean lee was out for the reason. rob denied that claim. >> i wasn't crying tears actual tears you know i save that for the movies that i watch with my wife. lifetime i mean my god you guys
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ever watch lifetime? god almighty. don't. >> okay. >> that's it for us. >> see you at 11:00. [ captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: ] ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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i'm at san francisco international airport ready to board a flight entrout a gem of a getaway up the pa -- en route to a gem of a get away up the pacific coast. in the course of the journey for 12 days i'll travel by kayak in the city of glass, i'll travel by sea plane and over a 230-foot high suspension bridge. and then we'll head out on a breathtaking road trip some 400- kilometers past stunning scenics until we arrive at north america's other napa valley. that's one hint to my destination. where i'm going specifically i'll tell you after a surprisingly quick flight.
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